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What is PACE?

PACE is a fun, non-threatening group exercise program that quickly and safely changes your body shape. PACE utilizes hydraulic resistance machines that match the effort of the user at any fitness level (we call it accommodating resistance). PACE is fun, fast and it produces results quickly.

How does PACE work?

A PACE program works on a work/recover/work/recover format alternating between the hydraulic exercise stations and recovery stations, such as jogging squares or step benches for a set interval, usually 30-45 seconds each. You can begin anywhere in the circuit and start exercising at your own pace. After warm-up, you should try to maintain your target heart rate for the duration of the class. You decide how hard/fast to push yourself with the help of the PACE Instructor.

How does PACE burn fat faster than any other 30 minute workout?

PACE burns fat 3 ways. 1. You burn more calories during your workout. Each machine works two major muscle groups, thereby utilizing more muscle mass and burning more calories. 2. You burn more calories following your workout. (The body's metabolism stays higher longer.) 3. You will increase lean body weight and metabolism. A pound of muscle will burn about 50 calories per day more than a pound of fat.

How is PACE different than other aerobic programs?

Aerobic activities such as step bench classes, stair climbing, cycling, jogging, etc. are all good cardiovascular exercises that burn body fat. However, some programs require a degree of skill and coordination and tend to intimidate the unfit person. Others can place a great deal of stress on the joints and do not provide muscle toning, especially for the upper body. PACE is fun and easy for anyone to do and provides a total body strength and cardiovascular workout.


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